UHCW Department of Anaesthesia

Before you start at UHCW

We recognise the inconvenience of rotating to different hospitals every six months and would like to make this process as smooth as possible. This does involve a degree of organisation and preparation on your part. Before starting at the trust please read the handbooks at thislink. Let us know well in advance of any leave requirements so that repeated re-writes of the rota can be avoided. You will be contacted prior to joining to ascertain your training needs. Please respond with a list of modules completed as well as the modules you wish to complete whilst at UHCW.

Remember to bring the following important documents to the Anaesthetics Office.

1. GMC annual renewal certificate for the current year.

2. Criminal Records Board clearance certificate.

3. Evidence of your National Training Number if relevant.

4. Birth certificate or passport.

5. Bank account details for salary payment.

6. Staff Transfer Form from your previous employer.

7. Last payslip from your previous employer.

8. P45 tax form from your previous employer.

9. Your obstetric competencies signed off elsewhere.

10. Your contact addresses, email address, phone numbers and so forth, to be recorded in the department and held at switchboard.